Are Cardboard Tampon Applicators Biodegradable

When we consider that the average tampon will sit in a landfill for hundreds of years plastic applicators are even worse. Designed to be kind to your body and the environment.

Premium Applicator Tampons By Sirona Super Heavy Flow Tampons Health And Wellness Absorbent

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TWIST-TO-UNLOCK APPLICATOR – Individually wrapped with a twist to unlock biodegradable cardboard applicator for hygiene and tapered smooth tip for easy insertion.

Are cardboard tampon applicators biodegradable. If you want biodegradable applicators and biodegradable packaging this is for you. Natracare tampons and applicators are completely biodegradable and home-compostable. Would you rather just ditch the applicator altogether.

In addition to disposables we have a zero-waste reusable menstrual cup Along with being certified cruelty-free and vegan TOTM provides women with an online hub packed with useful information on periods too. These biodegradable hypoallergenic and gynecologically tested tampons are made from 100 natural cotton and are free of pesticides. Most applicators are made from plastic or rigid bio-plastics.

While tampon applicators cannot be recycled all Tampax boxes in North America can be recycled and 96 of all Tampax packaging globally is recyclable. The cardboard tampon applicator is one of the first applicators to be invented and is an applicator that is made out of cardboard that helps you insert your tampon. Featuring a LeakGuard Skirt Tampax Cardboard tampons offer backup protection to help stop leaks before they happen.

The first in the country this TWC tampon is unique because it comes with a one-time use cardboard applicator which is completely biodegradable. No fragrance rayon and chlorine bleach. Not only are the tampons made from 100 certified organic cotton but the rounded cardboard applicators are fully.

While in the US Mother Jones reports that 88 of the tampons sold in 2015 were ones with a non bio-degradable plastic applicator with sales of cardboard applicators significantly declining. Non-applicator tampons are an obvious choice but if you do prefer an applicator for insertion consider switching to cardboard. This item Tampax Biodegradable Applicator Tampons Super Plus 10 ea Tampax Pearl Tampons Super Absorbency with LeakGuard Braid Unscented 50 Count Anti-Slip Grip Cardboard Applicator Super Plus absorbency Tampons 40 Count Pack of 2.

Many of our packages are made from recycled materials so continue helping us out and recycle your Tampax boxes after use. Tampax Cardboard regular tampons offer up to eight hours of comfortable protection and are free of perfume dyes and chlorine bleaching. Applicator Tampons Organic cotton tampons with a biodegradable cardboard applicator.

At Blume we offer cardboard applicators that are rounded for easier insertion and are 100 biodegradable non threatening to your body and the planet. Learn more about Tampax Cardboard collection. Plastic applicators arent so great for the environment and cardboard ones can be very annoying so might as well just cut them out and get to the goods.

These tampons are 100 certified organic free of pesticides dyes chlorine bleaching GMOs and perfume. These commonly contain phthalates which can be absorbed through the skin and cause hormone disruption. Cardboard applicators are firstly biodegradable.

Both natural cotton and organic cotton tampons are biodegradable — cotton is biodegradable — but theyre still disposable making them less environmentally friendly than reusable products. These tampons from Veeda do exactly that. If youre an applicator user cardboard applicators are a huge and positive step towards cutting out plastics.

Just twist to release and push. So if they do end up in landfill they will break down naturally. Our tampons have biodegradable cardboard applicators and paper wrappers and our pads are wrapped in a compostable film.

Twist the cardboard applicator before use to loosen it. Organic regular tampons with a smooth easy-glide cardboard applicator which is completely biodegradable. Oi boxes are recyclable and our inks are from vegetable dyes.

To use a cardboard applicator tampon position the applicator into your vaginal opening until the outer tube is almost completely inserted. The tampons cardboard applicator features an anti-slip grip that helps you hold the applicator and position the tampon in the right place for an easy and comfortable insertion. They are completely compostable and wont be hanging about on this planet for hundreds of years to come.

Over time dioxins build up in the body and they are linked to serious health effects. No chlorine or dioxins are used in the bleaching process. They can also be composted if you have the facilities.

Includes ONE – 14 count box of Super Cardboard Applicator Tampons. 100 Certified Organic Tampons Biodegradable Cardboard Applicator The applicator is made of two tubes with the tampon inside. If you prefer to use cardboard applicators check out these tampons from Oi.

Make the switch today This marketing ploy has been designed to trick people into believing that by purchasing these tampons theyre avoiding harming the planet when the opposite is true. What are plastic applicators.

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