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Before the bombs fell Easy City Down was in fact a race track for horses. Dec 09 2015 Fallout 4.

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They are neutral towards you and will attack only if you shoot them.

Fallout 4 easy city downs. A few robots are running. Dec 9 2015 1205am Crashing in Easy City Downs Theres something about Easy City Downs that has caused my game to crash three times now. Is anybody else having trouble with that zone.

Im staying on the outskirts sniping everyone with Piper as my buddy. Also I shot a triggerman multiple times before he actually shot back. Three terminals contain the exact same content and are locked.

Eager Ernies keys have been placed on the 1st floor front desk of the main building. Nov 03 2016 The area known as Easy City Downs is a outdoors Location in the far Eastern central area of The Commonwealth. There are doors on the north and west sides of the clubhouse that you can use to get inside – just watch out for tin can traps that will announce your presence.

The whole territory is occupied by various raiders. This means the interior home and its workbenches all share resources with the exterior settlement workbench. But theyre not racing horse now.

You know youre close to Easy City Downs when you hear what sounds like an announcer for a horse race over a PA system. Locatiopn of Tumblers Today Magazine in Easy City Downs – Fallout 4. 005 Crashing in Easy City Downs Theres something about Easy City Downs that has caused my game to crash three times now.

That is a feature not a bug. Jun 28 2020 This mod makes Easy City Downs into a fully functional settlement and adds a player home with a linked workshop to a nearby building. Just followed me everywhere.

A robot racing track populated by Raiders and Triggerman thugs in the Northeast Commonwealth. 1 Clubhouse Terminal Master Control Terminal Repair Shop Terminal 11. Im staying on the outskirts sniping everyone with Piper as my buddy.

What am I supposed to do with him. Apr 03 2016 Easy City Downs NPCs will not get mad if you pick safes or pockets in front of them. I didnt have a quest to resume him.

Remember to come back to check for updates to this guide and much more content for Fallout 4 Print this page More Guides Easy City Downs. Eager Ernie is in charge here and has a key and password to unlock any doors allowing easy access to the downstairs. Easy City Downs is one of the more peculiar locations in Fallout 4.

It is currently occupied by a gang of Raiders and Triggermen who use the track to host their robot races. Everybody has a breaking point I guess. 425 EASY CITY DOWNS.

Is anybody else having trouble with that zone. Robot Controls 111 Stop Race 112 Start Race 113 Change Route 1131 Racetrack Route 1132. This will allow you to obtain few valuable parts.

1 ClubhouseMaster controlRobot controlRepair shop terminal 11 gt. Move quietly through the stands and the clubhouse and wipe people out as you go. I was passing through Easy City Downs and killed all the raiders there and found him in a cage.

It is located to the East of the East Boston Preparatory School and South of Nordhagen. Easy City Downs terminal entries are a series of entries found on four terminals at the Easy City Downs in Fallout 4. In this case youll be sneaking into Easy City Downs via the clubhouse beside the track.

I cant tell him anything. Now hes just following me around. The robots are considered part of the hostiles if youre trying to clear out the location.

Fallout 4 Vault Dwellers Survival Guide Collectors Edition p341. The track is also patronized by and is home to a large gang of raiders. Easy City Downs is a large area that contains a racing track buildings around it and few provisional constructions in the middle.

This was once a small struggling racetrack with aging facilities. Tbh he should go when you fast travel. Apr 05 2016 Fallout 4.

Ernie has programmed a fleet of robots. I spent a couple of days taking a genuine crack at the Easy City Downs ECD aggression problem with mixed results- I found 24 placement entries that load 22 NPCs 2 are generic thug duplicates- 9 of the entries are racing robots- I set NPCs and their potential variants based on player level. Racetrack Route 1133 Camp Defense Patrol 1134.

Robot Controls 111 Start Race 112 Stop Race. Easy City Downs is a Location in Fallout 4. Easy City Downs Information.

This page lists all Easy City Downs terminals. Nov 24 2020 Easy City Downs is a racetrack operated by Eager Ernie and his Triggermen bodyguards. Feb 22 2016 Page 1 of 4 – Friendly Easy City Downs – posted in Fallout 4 Mod Talk.

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