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Get Japanese Minimalist Small House Design
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MujiHouse - Get Japanese Minimalist Small House Design
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For me personally, as an architect, designing small homes suggests new directions in the relationship the small house is, in a sense, an experimental laboratory that permits us to pursue the creation of a. Modern minimalist architecture draws a lot of influence and inspiration from traditional japanese architecture and interior design, which is one reason you will see those same. Stories about japanese houses, including minimalist, contemporary architecture and interior design, traditional courtyards and japanese gardens.

It's designed by jo nagasaka+schemata architecture office and has a size of container house (3m²).

This japanese home designed by architect suzuko yamada is connected to its garden through a scaffold of steel pipes and platforms that can be. House in minamimachi is hided inside a. Shift house is a minimal residence located in tokyo, japan, designed by kino architects. When a japanese couple asked architects takaharu and yui tezuka to design a small home that would.

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