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Get Open Floor Plan Small House Designs Images. Whereas traditional floor plans are divided by interior walls, the lack of walls in open designs creates a visually larger space, and more of it can be used at any given time all house plans and images on the house designers® websites are protected under federal and international copyright law. We offer small open concept ranch style house designs, simple 2 bedroom open layouts, unique 2 story open floor plans & more.

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However, larger homes can certainly benefit. Eliminating barriers between the kitchen and gathering room makes it much easier for families to interact, even while cooking a meal. With a small space, using every inch is essential.

Open floor plans bring tons to the table and allow you to build a home that is functional and dreamy.

Efficient room planning, three bedrooms, double garage. The common areas are open providing a sense if openness not seen in all small homes. Open floor plans also make a small home feel bigger. Dwellings with petite footprints are also generally less costly to build, easier to maintain, and environmentally friendlier than their larger counterparts.