How Do I Get My Mustache To Lay Down

If it s too tough just warm it up a little more 5 minutes in your trouser pocket should do the trick. Dampen your beard and comb into the desired style.

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These can be purchased anywhere online but be mindful you get what you pay for.

How do i get my mustache to lay down. Start out by prepping and protecting your moustache with some beard oil. Then using either your fingernail or a guitar plectrum will do the trick scoop up about a thumb size piece a little more if you have a bigger beard a little less if it is just over 2 inch thick. Bearding is definitely a patience thing.

How to get your beard to lay flat. Run the comb lightly over one half of the mustache at such an angle that hairs that don t lie flat poke through its teeth see photo above. Style and allow to dry.

Often this is enough to get it to lay down properly. Once it gets long enough it will have weight and start laying down. With either product just apply a bit to the center section use a comb to distribute it in then hold in place and dry with a blow dryer.

You can do this daily or even several times a day. It will hold all day and washes out with water. To teach your mustache how to lay in a natural curl you need your fingers and some patience.

Snip away offending hairs working from the center. Repeat this routine for several repetitions and give this regimen a go twice a day or so. Make sure the.

Apply beard styling balm. Use conditioner and train it with a brush to try and get it going in the direction you want. Using your thumb and index finger use a sweeping motion to curl the corners up.

This will help keep your moustache from getting damaged as some of the straighteners use high temperatures in order to be effective. It is firstly time to hop in the shower and give your beard a wash. Do the same on the other half of the mustache.

Shape with a beard brush. Ok now you have you got everything you need. As your mustache grows you will likely be able to control it with less product or a less stiff product.

However if your facial hair is resistant apply a small amount of hair gel to your hands and distribute evenly throughout your beard. Thank you for sharing my husband has been determined to grow a moustache for 10years and sure i love the look of a funky beard and moustache but around the 5 6 week mark when it get super unruly and really just a mess i say enough is enough i miss being able to kiss him without being stabbed in the nose with wayward hairs and he ends up shaving it bare. Work it between your palms.

Combing with a moustache comb combing daily with a moustache comb i prefer the kent 81 t helps train your moustache hair to grow and lay in a new pattern especially if you are growing out your moustache for the first time. Comb and trim away any hairs that stick out at the sides. The quickest way is to get a straightener and a hair dryer.

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