How Many Years To Get Blue Belt In Bjj

Most people quit in the white or blue belt and very few people get the purple belt. Minimum time required at this belt for athletes aged 18 years and over.

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For someone who trains 2 3 times a week average time to achieve the bjj blue belt is 10 to 14 months.

How many years to get blue belt in bjj. I ve given out one blue belt in under a year to a student who won a 60 man white belt bracket ibjjf pan ams with five submissions along with dozens of other local tournaments. Staying at blue belt level takes about 2 4 years almost without exception. You can expect anywhere between 2 and 5 years of consistent training 3 days a week or more from white to blue belt.

Also to be able to get blue belt you need to be minimum 16 years old. The reason is that in order to progress bjj blue belts have to demonstrate sufficient technical knowledge. Well purple belts learn all those crucial techniques in blue.

Another student did well at competitions locally winning a few events in our region all the while training between six and nine times a week. Instructors and academies the promotional criteria between jiu jitsu academies differ from each other. According to saulo ribeiro in jiu jitsu university it s the belt you ll spend the longest at on the way to black.

Just have fun training and the belt will happen when it happens. Under rickson gracie lineage gym 2 5 year or more is normal. Common blue belt problems losing motivation.

Lots of factors though as the expectations of a blue belt vary dramatically from school to school. The blue belt is the first belt earned in bjj based on merit. Learn about the universal bjj blue belt requirements in as much detail as possible in order to get rid of the white belt quickly and efficiently.

Think about it like this more time at white will probably translate to less time at blue. However this length of time may vary based on the factors listed below. In 2015 international brazilian jiu jitsu federation specified 13 belts for competitors aged 4 through 15.

I received a promotion to a bjj blue belt around 14 months of training. It is reasonable to assume that you will earn your blue belt between 1 and 2 years. It is said that a purple belt knows all the techniques that a black belt does.

Compared to other martial arts receiving your black belt in brazilian jiu jitsu bjj could take almost 10 years. For blue belt minimum time athlete has to spend in the blue belt is 2 years. Although there are a few bjj prodigies such as bj penn and one lightweight world champion shinya aoki who have received their black belts in a much shorter period of time your typical bjj student must go through many years of extensive training in order to achieve the rank of.

From what i ve seen 2 years is about average for those training 3 or 4 times a week. Children between 4 and 15 years old can receive belt colors that reward progress after a white belt but before earning a blue belt which can only be awarded to people 16 years or older. The average time it takes to obtain a blue belt is approximately 2 3 years depending on class attendance and sparring frequency.

It is often considered that only 1 3 bjj practitioners get to the black belt.

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