How To Control Nematodes In Home Gardens

Nematodes are unsegmented roundworms different from earthworms and other familiar worms that are segmented annelids or in some cases flattened. Since it is nonfeeding the dauer nematode can last for weeks in the soil.

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Control of Root-Knot Nematodes in the Home Vegetable Garden RotationSkip to Rotation.

How to control nematodes in home gardens. Wet the soil then cover it with two sheets of clear plastic to raise the temperature in the soil and kill the. For ideal solarization the soil should be dampened but not moist. This pest control application uses a naturally occurring material called saponins.

Keep the soil moist and as the mustard decomposes it will release chemicals that fumigate the soil and reduce nematode numbers. Saponins are detergents found in many plants and Monterey Nematode Control uses saponins from the bark of the Quillaja tree found in South America. Vegetable crops resistant to nematodes include broccoli corn brussels sprouts chives and leeks.

How to Use Nematodes. For the home gardener localized spraying is probably the quickest and easiest way to get beneficial nematodes into the soil. Adding more composted leaves grass clippings and manure to your beds will help naturally control the population of nematodes in the soil since nematodes prefer living material to decaying plant matter.

Harness the Suns Power Soil solarization is a method of heating the soil to temperatures that kill certain nematodes. Controlling Nematodes Create a rich organic soil by adding compost manures and mulches. Cover the soil.

Using beneficial nematodes for gardening pest control has become an increasingly popular method for six reasons. Plant cool season crops rather than warm season crops. Marigolds give off a substance from their roots that is toxic to nematodes making these flowers a valuable aid in nematode control when they are planted in solid beds.

Planting cover crops of marigolds and mustard has also been shown to reduce the numbers of root knot nematodes in soil. Eventually they leave the insect carcass and begin to search for another host. How to Control Plant-Parasitic Nematodes Plant-parasitic nematodes dont have to be a plague on the garden.

These encourage beneficial nematodes which attack the pest species. Sow mustard seeds densely as a green manure crop and dig it into the soil at flowering. Entomopathogenic nematodes kill the host quickly within 48 hours.

To prevent the spread of nematodes avoid moving plants and soil from infested parts of the garden. Lesion nematodes are very difficult to control using crop rotation as most plants grown in gardens are hosts. Experts suggest that crop rotation is the best way to take control of nematodes.

If you are purchasing transplant go for the nematode-free variety only. Clean fallow will reduce population densities. As previously mentioned they have an incredibly wide range of hosts and can therefore be utilized to control numerous insect pests.

Spray the overturned soil lightly with a hose. First of all soil should be kept well draining. Fill your bucket with water submerge your sponge squeeze the sponge under water for a few minutes to get those little buggers out of there and then discard the sponge.

Crop rotation is one of the oldest and most economical methods of controlling nematodes. Remove all vegetation from the area. Monterey Nematode Control is used to control plant parasitic nematodes in home gardens and lawns.

Non-host plants include cowpea soybean oats wheat and woolly pod vetch. A rotation of 2 years or more between susceptible crops is needed to control a serious outbreak. The residue of pesticides in any container will kill your nematodes so I prefer to have my sprayer and buckets set aside and labeled nematodes only.

Moisture in soil helps these parasitic nematodes to move around so by keeping it drained well youre impeding their progress.

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