How To Get Cat Scratches Out Of Wood Furniture

Paying someone to do one of the above mentioned things or something else 4. Just using some sort of spot fixing pen.

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Break a pecan or.

How to get cat scratches out of wood furniture. This really helps to get any dirt or grime out of the way before you fill the scratch. Dip a cotton swab in moist coffee grounds and then apply it to the scratches in the wood. Watch this video to find out more.

Every time your cat uses the scratching post give it a treat. Here are a few training tips to get your cat used to scratching a post instead of your furniture. Cats often use woodwork furniture and other surfaces in your home to sharpen their claws which can cause substantial damage to the wood.

Show your cat how to scratch her post by using your own fingernails. Markers or colored pencils. If the scratch is deeper raid your children s wax crayon set.

Once the new piece of cat furniture is in your home rub it with catnip or dangle your cat s favorite toy from the top creating a game which encourages your cat to mimic the motion of scratching. Make sure the scratches are clean of anything. This works best on darker wood furniture.

Wait for about 15 to 20 minutes and then wipe the surface with a dry cloth. Your lavish praise will also help create a positive association with the act of scratching the cat furniture. You can use a q tip if you need to remove anything from the scratches.

Not to you or your cats but that is the answer. Make the post more inviting by rubbing catnip or spray catnip oil onto the post. This works mainly for darker wood furniture.

For leather use leather cleaner or a cloth dampened with water. Wait for about 15 20 mins and wipe the surface with a dry cloth. For wood furniture or floors apply your regular wood cleaner with a soft cloth and wipe clean.

Stripping all the stain sanding everything to get the scratches out and staining it all a new color 3. Dip a cotton swab in moist coffee grounds and then apply it to the scratches in the wood. Depending on the color of the wood you can use the meat the actual flesh part of a nut to color over light scratches.

Gently clean the scratched area. Rest the bowl in a pan of boiling water to melt the wax then drip the wax into the gouge. Sanding down the scratches and staining the sanded area 2.

Test drive the new cat furniture. To prevent this from happening purchase clear plastic protective strips of the proper size and shape from the home center and attach them to the problem area. Grate part of a crayon into a small bowl.

Take a damp microfiber cloth and clean off the table or whatever wood furniture you are working with.

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