How To Get Leftover Wax Out Of Glass Jar

Find a small microwaveable dish or tupperware container i use the sandwich size. First melt candles in a small pan set over a large pan of simmering water.

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Take a butter knife with the other hand and slip the blade between the wax and the glass.

How to get leftover wax out of glass jar. Instead hold the jar with one hand. Fill it up about half way and then nuke it for 2 min hot but not boiling. The melting point of different waxes ranges from 100 to 145 degrees once the wax is melted remove old wicks with tongs and toss them out.

It works best starting at the edges. Boiling or heating the glass will make the wax melt but a film of it will still stick to the jar. Place the candle in the freezer for several hours.

Remove the lid if it has one and let the open candle jar sit in the sink for 30 minutes. Use hot water to melt the leftover wax grab a larger bowl and fill it will hot tap water. Cut a piece of wicking available at crafts stores two inches taller than the votive holder.

The jar is going to float so place a heavy waterproof item on the candle mouth rim to hold the bottom of the candle jar down into the water. Soak a scrub sponge in hot water and wring out the sponge until it becomes damp. Remove the softened wax while the water is still warm.

Spraying the jar with ammonia such as window cleaner will also help to get rid of any remaining wax and residue. If you still have wax in the jar its super easy to remove. Another strategy for getting leftover wax out of a candle jar is to let the jar soak.

You could also dampen and use a paper towel in place of a sponge. To be completely safe add a drinking straw or chopstick to the container sticking out so that bubbles have somewhere to escape to in case the water boils. You ll get 95 98 of the wax out but you ll have a hard time getting that last little bit out.

Then use it to clean out the jar removing stray wax. Once the bowl is about 3 4 full take your candle jar and put it into the water. Just pop your candle in the freezer for a couple of hours i left mine for about 4.

Put in a drain stopper and fill your sink with warm water. After taking the candle out of the freezer take a butter knife and chip away at the wax. Use a butter knife or a spoon if your wax is soft to break up any large chunks of wax that remain in the container if the jar has a narrow mouth.

The warm water will release the wax at the bottom of the container and make it easy to pull out. Do not take the jar out of the water yet.

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