How To Get More Power Out Of A Chevy 4 8

I got a 4 8 single cab did some lontube headers deleted my cars and had my o2 sensors spaced out built tranny with vette servo superchips cortex tuner running 93octane with stock 3 42 gears runs a 10 06 in the 1 8 mile. A series of what if scenarios persuaded us to yank the 4 8l and stick it on the dyno.

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The engine is out of a 1968 camaro and i need information on how to get more power for towing read more.

How to get more power out of a chevy 4 8. Our cam swap increased the peak power numbers from 336 hp and 347 lb ft of torque to 384 hp and 361 lb ft of torque. Squeeze more power out of your 4 8l engine. The genx 205 heads featured full cnc porting on the intake.

If you want more performance out of your chevy silverado 1500 there are a few modifications you can make to the engine that will increase your horsepower. The cam was combined with a set of tfs genx 205 heads designed specifically for the small bore size used by gm on the 4 8 5 3l engines. The silverado may be a boulder in a field of lesser trucks but even the mighty rocky mountains erode over time.

Top products for adding horsepower and torque remember the like a rock ads for the first generation chevrolet silverado. By adding some aftermarket parts you will increase the efficiency of your truck s engine leading not only to more horsepower but better gas mileage too. I m not talking about a fender bender here and a broken mailbox there i m talking about your.

How do you upgrade a 396 big block cylinder heads intake and exhaust on a 1974 chevy 1 ton dually 2 wd. Chevy small block v 8s have three. Chevy s production 4 3l 90 degree v 6 v6 90 block is physically similar to a same vintage 350 small block v 8 with one important exception.

Remember this is a 140 000 mile 4 8l truck motor with stock 9 5 1 pistons and heads. I got more work to do but it runs pretty good for now.

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