How To Get More Wood And Stone In Smurfs Village

Get the swoof 20 stones from the village for his collection. How to do it pls.

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I usually get between 5 12 rocks when i use all 22 of my smurfs to dig.

How to get more wood and stone in smurfs village. And unfortunately there s no helping hint as to what he means like there s for tracker smurf. Search for more answers for smurfs village or ask your own question here. Also we have one more cheat but we have not tested it yet.

Cheat codes for smurfs village. Crossing the right river level 5. Collect 20 more wood from the village.

These wonders produce 1 every week unless you have the companion structure in which case it is every six days. Pc buy all rafts on the island and do the stone quests 2 each 24 hrs for a total of 10 day. Search for more answers for smurfs village or ask your own question here.

The main village is the place you start your smurfy journey in expand build and grow your village to be you and your smurf s dream. You can safely use them too. The question reads as follows.

During the course of the game papa smurf will give quests which will unlock other parts of the main village. Smurfy wonders generate 1 or 2 free every 7 days once completed. But i do not know how to d smurfs village answers for the iphone ipad tue 31 dec 2019 21 41 48 game questions answers.

How to get 12 wood and 9 stones on the smurf space program smurfs village questions and answers iphone ipad. I m at level 34 of the smurfs village game on my iphone and i m trying to complete the quest to build the hot air balloon and papa smurf said to collect 10 wood but i don t know where from. Cheat code for free in app purchases fp 21925a6baf.

To get unlimited smurfberries in smurfs village use this cheat code pkn ca4047d07b. This cheat for some resource but we don t know for which one je e98dbd101b. Quarry and rock tumbler observatory and binocular platform.

You can do this every 30 min. Once level 5 is reached papa smurf will ask for a bridge to be built across the river to the right. To get stone go to miner smurf s miner and you will recieve stone if adding bonuses will increase.

Ive got the mine with the rocks and timber with logs but my village isn t collecting any wood or stone smurfs village questions and answers iphone ipad. And use all smurfs to dig on the mountain.

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