How To Get Rare Fast On Animal Jam 2016

My username is nafaria9 and i can guarantee that your time spent here will be worth it. In this adventure we got two rares rare gazelle horns and a rare.

How To Get Rare Items On Animal Jam Animal Jam Is A Very Fun Virtual World For Children Where You Can Play Ga Animal Jam Animal Jam Play Wild Animal

You can play games.

How to get rare fast on animal jam 2016. Once they re out of stores they become rarer and some could become rarer than spikes e g. You can trade them a monday rare or a rare plushie that you have two of. This is a super fast way to get gems.

Welcome to the animal jam whip. All you need is an eagle. Play with an arctic wolf in order to have a possible chance of getting two rares at once.

Mondays have rare item mondays in the shops these are rares that you can buy in stores for one day only. You can search up for working animal jam codes and you can enter them while logging in. How to get rare on animal jam without scamming.

In this video i show you how to get rares quickly on animal jam. Feel free to look around on my opinions. You can type in codes.

If you see a rare plushie that you don t have at their den you could ask them to put it up to trade. Getting rare on animal jam without scamming is simply about knowing what to do to get it right. Go on animal jam on mondays.

Go on return of the phantoms hard mode. Monday march 7 2016. How to get rare fast on animal jam hey guys so i was looking through videos on youtube on how to get rare fast and apparently.

The rare headdress and the non rare ones as well.

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