How To Get Rid Of Lichen Planus Dark Spots

Be sure not to scrub the inflamed area. The most common phototherapy for lichen planus uses ultraviolet b uvb light which penetrates only the upper layer of skin epidermis.

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In starting spots was dark black but now these has light black colour.

How to get rid of lichen planus dark spots. Lichen planus is a skin rash that is triggered by the immune system potential causes are viral infections allergens stress genetics for mild cases of lichen planus which usually clear u read more am suffering from lichen planus and this is effecting my mind also getting depressed. Equal numbers of men and women get lichen planus of the skin but women are twice as likely to get oral inside the mouth lichen planus. You can apply a elovera lotion over the area a mild steroid cream like triamcinolone over the darker areas on alternate day at night time will help to increase skin.

How i can get my natural skin. Regardless of whether you use any medication or not they will clear on their own. To get instant relief from itching you can simply place a washcloth soaked in cool water on the bumps.

I also take homeopathic medicine for some months. I want to get rid from these permanently. Hi thanks for writing in.

Lichen planus usually affects men and women in middle age. The scars are usually a result of inflammatory hyperpigmentation after lichen planus rashes and lesions have healed. Start by changing your diet.

Once your liver is cleansed add liver strengthening supplements such as raw liver capsules. It is not caused by an infection and you can t pass it on to others. Can i remove it permanently.

Light therapy phototherapy may help clear up lichen planus affecting the skin. Do a liver cleanse and an allergy elimination. There is melanin pigment incontenence at dermal level in this disease.

Apply cool compresses on the bumps. Lichen planus is a chronic itchy skin disease. Also immune building supplements.

As the pigment is deep down in skin layers it takes a lot of time to go away. There is only so much you can do to get rid of lichen planus scars but patience is the best virtue. Light therapy usually requires two to three treatments a week for several weeks.

Leaving it in place for a few minutes can give you some relief when other treatments are not working quick enough or if you only have a mild case of lichen planus. Can i get rid from this without any medical help with time spending. There are five simple steps to use coconut oil pulling for how to get rid of lichen planus make sure to perform oil pulling as soon you wake up without eating or drinking anything swish about 1 2 tbsp of coconut oil for around 10 20 minutes spit out oil and rinse your mouth with water.

I have light black spots on my body. About 1 in 100 people will get lichen planus at some time.

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