How To Get Rid Of Matted Hair Clumps On Cats

How to prevent matted cat fur the longer your cat s hair the more likely it is to mat. Cats are very good at grooming themselves.

How Can I Get The Mats Out Of My Cat S Fur Paws And Effect Long Haired Cats Cats Cat Fur

Rub some talc free baby powder gently into the mat.

How to get rid of matted hair clumps on cats. Indoor only and shorthaired cats can also get mats from a buildup of dust and dander. Mats are clumps of hair that form when loose hair gets tangled onto the rest of your cat s fur. During this time run your fingers through your their coat.

Gently pull the mat up away from the skin so you can see where the skin is. Prepare the matted area sprinkle a little cornstarch or talcum powder in the area of the mat and gently work it around with your fingers. The reason mats develop is that cats naturally shed their dead outer fur to make room for newer hair to grow.

Let her see the brush again and nonchalantly place it on her back. Before moving on to more specialized equipment you can try after using your fingers to brush out mats and knots with a regular cat brush or wide toothed comb. To stop mats from forming add regular brushing and combing into your pet s routine.

After a few minutes take it a step further and begin brushing her back gently and slowly. De matting is possible before you go for extreme measures see if the clumps can be removed with a wide toothed comb or a cat grooming brush. Mats should be taken out as soon as possible.

While a lack of grooming sometimes is just part of old age many times there may be a medical cause for it in your elderly feline. Try to brush out the tangles. If possible try to treat matts as soon as you see them.

Slowly and gently move towards the roots as the hair start to separate. Although matted cat fur is commonly found in long hair cat breeds short haired cats can also develop mats in their coats. Despite all efforts fur can often become seriously matted.

Grasp the fur closest to the skin and below the tangled area with your free hand in order to limit tugging on the skin. Illnesses such as hypothyroidism hyperthyroidism hypertension and kidney problems can cause dandruff and matted fur and these conditions are common in older kitties. If the cat resists take a break and speak in a soothing voice petting the cat until it relaxes.

Most mats will come out with brushing but hard mats can require extra work. Mats are clumps of hair that have become entangled or knotted over time. Remove the matted hair loose mats are the easiest to remove.

Hold the fur close to the roots and start brushing from the ends. See our related article for much more about the causes of matted hair in cats. When a cat s fur begins to shed the loose fur gets tangled up with the guard hair.

Your cat will probably either put on the brakes and wonder what you re doing to her or arch her back in pleasure. Once this mat occurs more fur continues to collect creating a significant mat. Place your cat in a well lit area and pet her for a few minutes.

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