How To Get Rid Of Mosquito Larvae In Shrimp Tank

I have a 10 gallon freshwater tank. They are thriving in my gravel and if they get anywhere near the top of the gravel or open water my zebra danios will eat them.

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Today i discovered these small whitish color larvae in my tank.

How to get rid of mosquito larvae in shrimp tank. To use cinnamon oil add a ratio of 15 cinnamon oil to 85 water. So if you have a 100 gallon pond use 12 gallons of cinnamon oil. The traps are set up with a bait like mosquito larvae to attract the worms.

They resemble mosquito larvae but aren t the typical brownish red color i m used to seeing. Repeat the procedure a couple of times to bring the planaria to manageable levels. The best candidate will be guppies.

Somewhat stagnant water with a few dead leaves grass clippings or some algae provides food for the microorganism that mosquito larvae eat. I know this isn t much help if you don t already have the endlers or do not want another tank for them but it s the only non chemical option that sprang to mind. Best of all they usually do not disturb other fishes and definitely will not eat your shrimp.

If you re looking for an environmentally friendly way of killing mosquito larvae cinnamon oil is a solid choice. Livestock watering troughs can be a breeding site for mosquitoes. If you leave the trap for the night you can expect to see some trapped worms by morning.

They are the type of fishes who likes to eat at the floating surface top feeders so larvae are perfect food. You can then place the trap in boiling water to kill them effectively. If you have other fish they would eat them for you.

And it doesn t just kill the larvae. The natural way to take care of mosquito larvae is have some fishes that eat them. Regular weekly flushing cleaning will make troughs less attractive to female mosquitoes searching for places to lay their eggs.

I would get rid of them fast if i were you. You could try feeding your shrimp more nutritional foods but i recommend investing in more shrimp if you want your colony to take off. One time i had a tank that i only had plants in no filter and i had a mosquito outbreak in my tank after two weeks.

It also kills off the eggs as well. Personally i would use a small group of male endlers they won t predate on the adult shrimp and are easy to transfer to another 25l or larger tank when they have eaten the larvae.

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