How To Get Rid Of Nits In Afro Hair

Without the host it will kill by itself. Favorite answer i work in a hair salon and we suggest using tea tree oil diluted in water or tea tree shampoo as the lice and nits do not like the harsh scent and can t survive in it.

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Handpick the nits and lice that are found in the hair and then kill it either with your nails or throw them in a large bowl of water.

How to get rid of nits in afro hair. Treatment for head lice in african american hair types is often more time consuming and requires a degree of patience but is pretty much the same as with all other hair types with only the addition of a few extra steps depending on individual circumstances. The best treatment i found for me dd who has afro hair was lyclear shampoo and regular combing with a tea tree conditioner to help prevent getting again. High heat is not necessary but it needs to be warm.

Try to take out each lice and any lice i find. Google it if you to know anything about this product. Brushing your hair in the opposite direction with a normal brush will help you find more nits.

After soaking your hair flush the listerine out thoroughly with warm water and apply a generous amount of vinegar to further loosen the nits. A blow dryer using direct heat can get rid of nearly 98 of nits and 55 of lice but you should not combine the shampoo method with this one since many of the lice shampoos have flammable ingredients. Following the above steps apply a leave in conditioner or de tangler brush the hair and then use a nit comb to slowly remove the eggs section by section.

I found getting nits out afro hair to be a right nightmare. The most common way to get rid of nits and lice is to comb wet hair with a nit comb. How to get rid of lice in african american hair.

I had lice earlier and got completely rid of it by using this cream lotion called perlice. 19 how to get rid of lice in african american hair. The second step on how to get rid of lice in african american hair after treatment with medicine comb the hair with a metal type nit comb to remove the nits.

A bonnet dryer is less effective so use a hand held blow dryer. Wash your hair and then use this product leave it for 30 mins and wash your hair. Rinse with warm water and vinegar.

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