How To Play Kancolle Without Vpn

To play with the API link which skips the DMM region checking you need the VPN sometimes to go on DMM and obtain your API link. Kancolle Reddit Tutorial There are five tutorials to be completed before you dive into the game.

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Tag and basically you can put the API link straight in the address bar in Chrome and youll be taken straight to the Flash API thats.

How to play kancolle without vpn. Then use the address bar or a bookmark to go directly to the KanColle play page you will still need a KanColle gadget server block fix. Execute it by pressing Enter or Ctrl Enter for Internet Explorer. Simply use the default amount of resources to create a shipDont waste resources as at the tutorial level you cannot create anything powerful.

Create a ship in the Factoryć·„ć»  see The Main Screen below for help finding this and other locations in the game. Theres a very concise explanation on the Kancolle Wiki with the Tutorial.

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