List Of Tea Gardens In Darjeeling

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Located at an altitude between 1500-6500 ft its also known to be the first tea estate in Darjeelings complex tea history. The names of our Darjeeling teas actually include the tea garden from where they were grown and manufactured.

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During British rule Takdah served as a prominent Cantonment area and was known for its tea plantation.

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List of tea gardens in darjeeling. List of Tea Gardens in Darjeeling Brief History of Darjeeling Tea. It is part of the Chamong Group. Located about 30-minute drive from the lower town of Darjeeling Ging is a sprawling tea estate spread over 600 hectares of lush tea gardens.

The place is quite beautiful making the whole tea manufacturing process accessible for the general public. Takdah is a major tea-making estate and popular for tea tourism in Darjeeling. Arya Puttabong Phoobsering Singbulli Sungma Turzum etc exotic and hard to pronounce tea gardens have worked diligently.

The tea estates spread over a region of Seven Valleys which cover almost all of the Darjeeling hills. Darjeeling tea from the Darjeeling region in West Bengal India has traditionally been prized. Margarets Hope Darjeeling Tea Estate Margarets Hope is a world famous name when it comes to Darjeeling Tea.

Even though Puttabong tops the chart and is considered by many as the best tea garden in Darjeeling the Happy Valley Tea Estate is also quite popular amongst tourists. The Tea Division of Duncans has nine tea gardens in the Dooars Birpara Hantapara Dumchipara Lankapara Tulsipara Garganda Killot Nagaisuri Bagracote and one garden in the Terai region at Gungram. Teas are grown at elevations ranging from 90 to 1750 metres above sea level.

This organic garden spans across a slope with an elevation of 900 meters to about 1820 meters covering an area of 310 acres under tea. The garden not only focuses on tea plantations but also cultivation of hilly vegetables floras and orchid. Most of the tea gardens are now trying to convert to organic farming of which many have already been tagged.

About Darjeeling Tea. Barnesbeg Tea Estate North Tukvar. This is the historic way of identifying and authenticating these magnificent teas.

The Tea House is a restored planters bungalow which was built in 1864 during the colonial days. Longview High Lands Tea Garden. Much of the tea produced in this garden and processed in its factory are exported.

Earlier known as Bara Ringtong it was started in 1830 as a small plantation and became commercially viable in 1864 with China variety of plants. Nestling just below Darjeeling at the Himalayan foothills is a land shared by jumbos rhinos deciduous forests gurgling streams and tea. In 1839 Dr Campbell a civil surgeon of the Indian Medical Service was transferred to.

Some of the finest Darjeeling Tea Producing gardens are listed below. Puttabong Tea Estate One of the largest Darjeeling tea gardens Puttabong tea estate is a magnificent garden overlooking the scenic snow-capped Kanchenjunga mountain. According to the Tea Board of India Darjeeling Tea can only refer to tea that has been cultivated grown produced manufactured and processed in tea gardens in the hilly areas of Darjeeling Sadar Subdivision.

Situated around 27 km from Darjeeling Takdah is reminiscent of the British Raj and is known for its verdant greenery and undulating tea gardens. Arya Tea Estate Sidrabong. List of Tea Gardens of Darjeeling Aloobari Tea Estate.

Ambiok Hilton Tea Estate. The company has been regularly carrying out uprooting replanting and rejuvenation of tea areas. Organic black and green blends tea flower white tea oolong teas Clonal delight are its specialty.

The first commercial tea gardens were established in 1856 and by 1866 there were 39 tea gardens in Darjeeling citation needed including the Makaibari Tea Estate which had established the regions first processing factory for withering and oxidation necessary for the product to survive the months long journey down to Kolkata and over to Britain. Sungma and Turzum are amongst the beautiful tea gardens in Darjeeling. The tea estate operates under the Eurasia Group and located in west Darjeeling area.

Selim Hill Tea Garden. And only those teas grown in hilly areas of Kalimpong Subdivision consisting of Samabeong Tea Estate Ambiok Tea Estate Mission Hill Tea Estate and Kumai Tea Estate and Kurseong Subdivision are called the Darjeeling Tea excluding the areas in jurisdiction list 20 21 23 24 29. Mohan Majhua Tea Garden.

A list of tea gardens is listed below according to the region they fall into. Today Darjeeling is one of the most sought after beverage. Narbada Majhua Tea Garden.

Makaibari Tea Estate the producer of Darjeelings costliest tea was established in 1859making it one of the oldest family-owned tea gardens in Darjeeling.

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