Microstrip Antenna For Biomedical Applications

Simulated results are shown in section III followed by the conclusion in section IV. In this paper an optimized E-shaped patch antenna is presented.

Performance Enhancement Of Implantable Medical Antenna Using Differential Feed Technique Sciencedirect

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In telemedicine application microstrip antennae operate at 245 GHz.

Microstrip antenna for biomedical applications. Micro strip antennas are low-profile antennas. In these antennas two metallic overlaying plates are used. The antennas good-looking feature is the proper thickness and suitable dimension.

This paper presents a flexible micro strip antenna that can be placed in contact with the human skin. This paper presents a flexible microstrip antenna that can be placed in contact with the human skin. The characteristics of microstrip antenna such as compactness ease of fabrication low cost easy to design and conformability finds its wide applications in the field of biomedical applications.

An antenna having gain of 67 dB and front-to-back ratio of 117 dB and resonating at 245 GHz is suitable for telemedicine applications. Antenna DescriptionThe proposed antenna design was based on a microstrip patch antenna and a coplanar patch antenna CPA with a CPW feed line. One is usually more significant than the other plate.

Skin cancer a deadly disease which identified early can be cured. This antenna also operates in the Industrial Scientific and Medical ISM band at 245 GHz for biomedical applications. A metal patch mounted at a ground level with a di-electric material in-between constitutes a Micro strip or Patch Antenna.

This article reveals research on different designs and development of wearable antennas for biomedical application at different frequency bands. These are very low size antennas having low radiation. The purpose of this thesis is going to design a microstrip antenna that can detect the different tissue according to this clue we suppose that it can be used in medical application for example to detect the breast tumor.

Emerging applications of the microstrip patch antenna include their needs in biomedical sector too. A microstrip patch antennas design and performance analysis for biomedical applications which operating at 245 GHz frequency range in ISM Band 24 GHz to 25 GHz is represented in this paper. The antenna can be used for biomedical applications.

Antenna geometry and design of the proposed structure are presented in section II. While in this paper the antenna is discussed in the context of microwave breast imaging the concept of placing an antenna directly on human skin has a wide range of biomedical applications. A novel four band rectangular T-shaped microstrip antenna functioning at 117 GHz 219 GHz 256 GHz and 397 GHz is designed for the biomedical applications.

These growing applications comprise remote health monitoring glucose monitoring 1718 self- monitoring digestive monitoring etc. This paper involves in the designing of Hexagonal microstrip antenna with H-tree fractal slots for biomedical applications. Compared with conventional antennas microstrip patch antennas have more advantages and better prospects.

A miniaturized meandered slot antenna is proposed in for its use in biomedical applications. Microstrip antennas are finding a growing medical application in imaging diagnosis and treatment. Antennas can be implanted into human bodies or can just be mounted over the torso skin-fat-muscle to form a bio-communication system between medical devices and exterior instruments for short range biotelemetry applications.

Our proposed Π- shape microstrip antenna covers full bandwidth of 23 GHz mobile WiMAX IEEE80216e-2005 frequency spectrum 23-24 GHz 24 GHz Wi-Fi 24-25 GHz operation with sufficient SWR gain. Generally conventional microstrip antennas exhibit the attractive features of being low-profile lightweight easily fabricated and conformable to mounting hosts. The developed antenna is only 025mm thick has 32mm31mm dimensions and 19dB measured parameter at 245GHz.

The study of microstrip patch antennas has made great progress in recent years. Wearable microstrip antennae are suitable for wireless body area network. In order to reduce the effect of human body the performance of antenna several different antenna structures have been proposed.

The key application of this work is to detect cancerous tumors present in patients without skin contact. A microstrip patch antenna MSPAconsists of any planar or non-planar geometric conducting patch on one side and a ground plane on the other side. Abstract Micro strip antennas are finding a growing medical application in imaging diagnosis and treatment.

The biomedical applications of the patch antenna are helpful in monitoring the health conditions of patient residing in remote are by the doctor or. Our research and guess are based on the different electrical properties of the tissue.

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